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***NGC - Laser Cut Kits - HO/HOn3..      
6300 Flat Car Series - 40' - Laser Cut Kit w/decking - End Plates - HOn3 - ORDER NOW - HAVE CUT NEW RUN .. Buy 3 Get FREE SHIPPING in U.S. .. IN STOCK!


Last Photo on Page is a Finished Build of the 6302 Flat Car 40' ... Photo by permission Peter Sutton Australia.

"#6302 Flat Car - DRGW - Laser Cut - HOn3 "

Item Number: 6302 Flat Car
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Flat Car - 6300 Series 40' HOn3

Includes Custom Decal Set for the 6302 DRGW

Includes Custom Decal Set for the 6300 DRGW

Included Custom Decal Set for the CATS 6314

Laser Cut Kit w/decking

Custom end Plate Parts

Tichy Plastic Parts

You will need Trucks & Couplers Blackstone B370114 4x8 HOn3 In Stock while supplies last

Order Now! .. Selling Fast!

Buy 3 - Get Free Shipping in the U.S. - Shipping will be refunded during processing of Order

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