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Developing Laser Cut Kits for HOn3 .. 2000-2021
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***NGC - Laser Cut Kits - HO/HOn3..      
New Run 2 ... MOW WATER CAR - #04432 - 4000 Series DRGW - Laser Cut Kit - HOn3 ... Build in a few evenings! ..2 IN STOCK NOW!

"Laser Cut and In Scale HO 1:87 .... COMPLETELY MADE IN THE USA!"

Item Number: NGC-MOW2 Water Car
Price: us$64.97
Shipping:  USA us$4.75 S/H Inside USA
INTL (us$20.00 S/H Outside USA)

Questions Please Email Sales@NarrowGaugeColorado.com


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Laser Cut Car Siding in Scale

Complete Laser Cut Kit - HOn3

Includes Decals White Letter Sets are included on this run.

You can Purchase Trucks & Couplers for this Car on this website Under the "Trucks & Couplers Tab."

If you would like more of the "MOW SERIES KITS" like these in the future, Send us your name so we can put you on the list to be contacted.

Questions Please Email Sales@NarrowGaugeColorado.com

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