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Developing Laser Cut Kits for HOn3 .. 2000-2021
Trucks - Kadee HOn3 ..............  -  These are New Products from Kadee ! .. There are No Springs to Install, simply just click together and they will Roll Away from You!!!

Kadee - Bettendorf Truck Set - HOn3 .. 6 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item K724            More Info... us$11.95
Kadee - Vulcan Truck Set - HOn3 .. 4 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item K726            More Info... us$11.95
Kadee Andrews Truck Set - HOn3 .. 5 IN STOCK! 
Item K723            More Info... us$12.95
Kadee Archbar 4x6 Truck Set - HOn3 .. NO SPRINGS TO INSTALL! .. 10 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item K721            More Info... us$11.95
Kadee Wheels 26" Ribbed Back - Metal Wheels - HOn3 ..2 IN STOCK! .. Special Order if you need more!  On Sale
Item K718            More Info... us$9.75
This Week's Special - Kadee - Archbar 3x7 Truck Set - HOn3 .. Buy 3 pair - Get Free U.S. Shipping in U.S. - ORDER NOW ........... 15 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Archbar 3x7 Kadee            More Info... us$12.95