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DCC-NCE Systems-Cabs....  -  DCC Power in your hands! Order your NCE DCC Cab units now! Ships Immediately! You could have yours by the weekend! Special Order any NCE item - email us Sales@NarrowGaugeColorado.com - Download the complete NCE Brochure!

*STOCK REDUCTION PRICE!* ... RJ12-40' Cable - 40' Length for UTP Plugin .. 3 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE! .. IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item Cable            More Info... us$16.95
12 VDC, 5.83 AMP, 514 or 13.8 VDC, 5 AMP POWER SUPPLY .. 2 IN STOCK  
Item NCE-0001            More Info... us$529.95
Base Station Wireless 524-23 
Item NCE-0020            More Info... us$149.95
BLOWOUT PRICE! .. NCE PB5 Booster - 5 amp of additional DCC Power - w/Power Supply - Additional Power for the Power Cab, SB3a and Power Pro system! .. 1 IN STOCK! 
Item PB5 5a DCC Booster            More Info... us$199.95
BLOWOUT PRICING! .. NCE SB5 - Smart Booster w/ 5 amp Power Supply .. Use your PowerCab and Upgrade to this 5 amp System! .. Read Below Description! .. IN STOCK! 
Item NCE0027            More Info... us$219.95
Booster 5 AMP - adds 5 amps additional power to layout (requires P515) 
Item 524-3            More Info... us$159.95
DB5 PowerCab DCC System Expansion Set - Adds Command Station w/Programing Track & USB Interface - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item NCE0028            More Info... us$24.95
EB1 Circuit Breaker- Special Order - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item USB Interface            More Info... us$29.95
NCE - DCC Power Cab - Complete 2 Amp - w/110v/240 VAC power supply included - Tethered with Cord ... Manufacturer Downloads Below! - ON MANUFACTURER BACK ORDER, BACK ORDERS OK!  On Sale
Item Power Cab            More Info... us$149.97
NCE - Power Pro 5 Amp System - On Order !!  On Sale
Item NCE-0001            More Info... us$429.50
NCE - Power Pro-R Starter Set with Radio Control 524-2 (P515 is recommended power supply) - SPECIAL ORDER NOW!  On Sale
Item NCE-0002            More Info... us$559.96
NCE - UTP Panel - Cab Bus Fascia Panel .. RJ12 Connectors .. 5 IN STOCK! 
Item UTP Panel            More Info... us$22.95
NCE Switch-8, Stall Motor Switch Decoder 
Item Switch-8            More Info... us$59.95
Order Your NCE DCC Here! - Quick Shipment! - Download the Complete NCE Brochure here! 
             More Info...
OVERSTOCK SALE! .. GET 2 FOR $9.97- Universal Throttle Pocket II - Holds NCE Power Cabs & Pro Cabs Beautifully! .. (2 Pockets per Pkg) - 25 Sets IN STOCK! 
Item 400-10            More Info... us$19.00
Power Pro 5 AMP - 524-1 Starter Set Radio Control 
Item NCE-0001            More Info... us$529.95
Repeater Only - Wireless 916 MHz 524-24 
Item 524-24            More Info... us$129.95
Snap-It - Controls one twin coil switch machine 
Item NCE-0115            More Info... us$19.95
SPECIAL SALE PRICE! .. Power Supply 5 Amp - P515 - Suitable for PH-Pro .. 2 IN STOCK! 
Item P515            More Info... us$59.95
Throttle - CAB04e Intermediate Cab w/digital encoder, 2 train control 524-14 
Item 524-14            More Info... us$119.95
Throttle - CAB04er Intermediate Cab w/digital encoder, 2 train control 524-14 
Item 524-15            More Info... us$199.95
Throttle - CAB04p Intermediate Cab w/potentiometer speed knob 
Item NCE-0012            More Info... us$89.95
Throttle - CAB05 Intermediate Cab w/speed buttons 
Item 524-16            More Info... us$89.95
Throttle - CAB05-R Intermediate Cab w/speed buttons and RADIO installed 
Item 524-17            More Info... us$179.95
Throttle - Deluxe Pro Cab - Backlit LCD - 524-10 Walk around throttle - tethered 
Item NCE-0010            More Info... us$159.95
Throttle - Pro Cab R - With Radio - 524-11 Walk around throttle - Radio Control 
Item NCE-0011            More Info... us$249.95
Item NCE0027            More Info... us$219.95