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Developing Laser Cut Kits for HOn3 .. 2000-2021

Check Listings Carefully

All Kits are HO / HOn3

Laser Cut Corrugated Siding - In True HO Scale - Same as the Placerville Warehouses - 2 Sets In Stock! 
Item LaserSiding-1            More Info... us$33.95
Deluxe Gas Station Interior Detail Set - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-510 Gas Station D            More Info... us$14.95
Ash Pit - HO/HOn3 - 2 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-40            More Info... us$25.95
AT-SF Mainline Station 4 - 20's structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-31904            More Info... us$48.00
Bank Building - 1900 era Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38913            More Info... us$33.60
Bertani's Billiards HO Scale - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-351            More Info... us$54.95
Boardwalks 44' x 2' - Urethane Molded - Nicely Detailed - HO Scale - Just Stain with your favorite color - IN STOCK! 
Item WD-12            More Info... us$7.50
Bodie Church - 20' - 50's Church Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK NOW!  On Sale
Item CM-38914            More Info... us$35.15
Bridgeport House - 1890-1930's Structure - HO - Special Order Now!  On Sale
Item CM-38915            More Info... us$42.75
Brookside Icehouse - Central Valley Stairs/Railing - Ice Blocks - 30's - 40's Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item JL-191            More Info... us$38.95
Brownie's Northside Service - 30's Gas Station - HO - Order Yours Now! 
Item JL-341            More Info... us$37.95
Bulk Ice Platform - HO Scale - Special Order Now!  On Sale
Item GC12363            More Info... us$9.79
Cattle Loader Roll Away - HO .. 2 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-38921            More Info... us$26.00
Coal Loader - HO/HOn3 - 2 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-41            More Info... us$22.95
Cochran Confectionary - Laser Cut walls, side entry, billboard on roof - HO - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item jl-471            More Info... us$49.95
Columbia Miners Cabin - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38918            More Info... us$28.00
Daley Bros. Pipe and Supply - 30's Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38922            More Info... us$35.00
East Junction Section House - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-261            More Info... us$19.95
Engine House SP Narrow Gauge - Keeler California Proto - Carson & Colorado RR - HO .. FREE SHIPPING U.S.   On Sale
Item CM 32401            More Info... us$39.97
Fire Station - 30's Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38912            More Info... us$38.00
Forks Creek Station - Colorado Central Railroad - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-31141            More Info... us$44.40
Fraternity Hall - Early Structure - HO - 1 AT THIS PRICE .. 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item CM-38902            More Info... us$24.95
Fraternity Hall - Early Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-38902            More Info... us$32.97
Fryxell Feed & Seed - 30's 40's Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-181            More Info... us$34.95
Garage 1920's Prototype - 2 Bay - Laser Cut - HO - Coming Soon! 
             More Info...
Gas Station Structure - Laser - 30's era HO scale - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item EH-261-206            More Info... us$48.95
General Store - 1897 Early Store - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38904            More Info... us$32.00
Gold Hill House - V and T RR- HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38430            More Info... us$35.00
Grand Central Gold Mine - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38916            More Info... us$37.00
HandCar Shed w/HO Hand Car .. 1 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-32            More Info... us$29.95
HandCar Shed w/HOn3 Hand Car .. 2 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-29            More Info... us$32.95
Hubermill Large Trackside Warehouse 30's 60's Structure - prototype - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-121            More Info... us$36.95
Ilium Station - Proposed - Rio Grande Southern Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item 311-55            More Info... us$76.97
INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE! .. Tank Bulk Fuel 1500 Gallon - Kit - HO .. 7 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item 773            More Info... us$6.99
Jaxson Tire Co. HO Scale Laser Cut kit .. 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item 661            More Info... us$35.95
Jib Crane HO/HOn3 - 4 INSTOCK ! .... SPECIAL!  On Sale
Item DP-068 Jib Crane            More Info... us$12.27
Jones Painting - SW Paint Signage Out front - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item JL-441            More Info... us$25.95
Junction Yard Office - Laser Cut Clapboard Siding - fence - HO - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item 451            More Info... us$22.95
Kilborn Marine Sales HO - Special Order Now!  On Sale
Item JLID-381            More Info... us$39.95
Kleins Pharmacy Structure - HO - Order Yours Now! 
Item JL-531            More Info... us$34.95
LaBosky's Auto Repair - 50's Style Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-141            More Info... us$36.95
Laws Station - Carson Colorado RR - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-31415            More Info... us$59.00
Leadville House - 30's structure CM-CS-DRGW - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38104            More Info... us$48.00
Lineside Telephone Booths Wood Prototype - 5 IN STOCK! 
Item WD-102            More Info... us$10.50
Loading Dock 30' - Stock In Route .. 2 IN STOCK! 
Item WD-112            More Info... us$19.95
Loco Cleanout Rack - HO - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item DP-39            More Info... us$7.55
Lucky Mine - HO 
Item CM-38909            More Info... us$35.00
Masonic Lodge - 1858 Brick Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-38906            More Info... us$32.97
McDougall Telegraph Office - Special Order 
Item JL-271            More Info... us$19.95
McLeod Super Service - Gas Station - 30's - 40's Structure - HO 
Item JL-311            More Info... us$35.95
McSoreley's Old Ale House - HO Scale - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item McSorleys Old Ale            More Info... us$52.95
Milk Stop Prebles - HO All Laser Cut Kit - Order Now! 
Item Prebles Milk House            More Info... us$36.50
Mine House - 1890's Home Structure -HO 
Item CM-38907            More Info... us$43.00
Montezuma Post Office - 1900-1930's Structure - HO 
Item CM-38917            More Info... us$37.00
Mt. Princeton Station - Denver South Park & Pacific - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-31121            More Info... us$36.00
Murphy's General Store - False Front 1870-1930's Structure - HO - 2 IN STOCK! 
Item WD-110            More Info... us$24.77
National Saloon - Early Frame Bank Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38919            More Info... us$32.00
Newspaper Office - 20's - 40's Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-056            More Info... us$24.95
Ophir Depot - Rio Grande Southern Railroad - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item 311-56            More Info... us$61.00
Otis Coal Company  On Sale
Item TS153            More Info... us$49.49
Palm Station - 30's Structure - HO 
Item DP-019 Palm Station            More Info... us$59.95
Pickard Motors - 40's - 50's Structure - HO 
Item JL-171            More Info... us$42.95
Power and Section House - Kingfield - HO All Laser Cut Kit - Special Order Now! 
Item PowerHouse-1            More Info... us$41.95
Pump House - Forks Creek - HOn3 - ON ORDER - BACK ORDERS OK! 
Item WD-103            More Info... us$23.77
Pump House/Lineside Shed HO HOn3 - 3 IN STOCK! 
Item WD-105            More Info... us$12.75
Purity Milk Platform - HO - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item JL-461            More Info... us$24.95
Queen Anne Cottage - Turn of Century Home - HO 
Item CM-38903            More Info... us$44.00
Red Light District - Small Cabins - 30's Structures - HO .. 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item CM-38910            More Info... us$31.50
SALE PRICED! .. Otis Coal Company - Trackside Scene - HO - Woodland Scenics .. AVAILABLE SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item Otis Coal Co             More Info... us$54.95
Sawpit Store Structure HO 
Item JL-Sawpit Store            More Info... us$39.95
Schmiege's Little Dutch Store HO 
Item JLID-411            More Info... us$43.95
Item WD-107            More Info... us$21.00
Silver Plume Store - Early Structure - HO .. 1 IN STOCK! 
Item CM-38140            More Info... us$28.00
Small Freight House - 1930's Freight Structure - HO  On Sale
Item CM-38925            More Info... us$27.00
Smileys Tow Service HO 
Item S130            More Info... us$44.99
SP Narrow Gauge Enginehouse - Southern Pacific - HO .. .... 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item CM-32401            More Info... us$38.70
Sparks Station - Southern Pacific RR - HO - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item CM-31905            More Info... us$33.50
Station Covered - HO All Laser Cut Kit .. Special Order Now! - In Stock at Manufacturer! .. Order Now! 
Item Covered Station-1            More Info... us$99.95
Stock Loading Ramp - HO Scale - Special Order Now!  On Sale
Item GC1225            More Info... us$18.99
Storm Lake Mobil - Gas Station - 40's Structure - Dozen Cast metal details - ground signs - 80 full color signs - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-431            More Info... us$37.95
Sud's Bucket - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-361            More Info... us$39.95
The Ruins - Mostly Urethane Construction - HO - SPECIAL ORDER NOW! 
Item CM-38927            More Info... us$55.00
THIS WEEK SPECIAL! .. Branchline Oil Facility - 1930's Facility Structure - HO - 7 IN STOCK! .. Order this Kit and "GET FREE SHIPPING in U.S.!"  On Sale
Item CM-38926            More Info... us$42.57
Tie and Plank Mill  On Sale
Item TS154            More Info... us$49.49
Tool House - HO/HOn3 Scale - 2 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item GC1298            More Info... us$17.09
Tool House - HO/HOn3 Scale - 2 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item GC1298            More Info... us$17.09
Trackside Jamboree - Lineside Sheds - Loads of metal details - standard gauge - fairmont Pushcar - 2 Buildings - HO 
Item JL-231            More Info... us$29.95
Traveling Crane HO/HOn3 - 2 INSTOCK!  On Sale
Item DP-073            More Info... us$15.27
Union Brass Foundry - Urethane construction - HO TBA 
             More Info...
Val's Hamburgers - Late 40's early 50's Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item JL-131            More Info... us$26.95
Vic's Auto Alignment - Auto related metal details/corrugated aluminum roofing - 30's 50's Structure - HO  On Sale
Item JL-161            More Info... us$25.60
Virginia City Ore Bin V and T RR - HO - 4 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item 38431            More Info... us$34.20
Water Tank DRGW "Extra Spout Assembly" - DRGW - 3 IN STOCK! 
Item 66            More Info... us$6.37
Water Tank DRGW Octagon Roof Included as shown in lower line drawing - HOn3 Kit - Purchase 1 more Item Get $5.00 Refunded - 4 LEFT IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item DP-059            More Info... us$55.67
Water Tank for Roof Top Install (20,000 gal.) - HO Scale - Special Order Now!  On Sale
Item 1258            More Info... us$37.99
Water Tank Roof - Trout Lake RGS Version Round - HO Scale .. 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item DP-124            More Info... us$7.25
Water Tank Rustic - HO All Laser Cut Kit - Pre-Weathered! .. In Stock at Manufacturer .. Have Us Check Stock  
Item RusticWaterTank-1            More Info... us$24.95
Water Tank Structure Q&TL - Water Tank Building - HO - 3 IN STOCK! 
Item DP-028 Water Tank            More Info... us$16.95
Water Tank Trout Lake Narrow Gauge - HOn3 - Purchase 1 more Item Get $5.00 Refunded - 4 LEFT IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item DP-119            More Info... us$55.97
Water Tank- Branchline - HOn3 Kit - 1 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item EH513            More Info... us$49.97
Wells Fargo Express Office - 30's Structure - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38905            More Info... us$26.00
Wilbur Shaws Speed Shop - 30's - 40's Gas Station - HO - 1 IN STOCK! 
Item JL-371            More Info... us$59.95
Winters Mansion - Vintage 1864 Stucture - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38908            More Info... us$48.00
Woody's - 3 level Bldg - Loads of metal detail/sheet full of color soft drink signs - Stairs/Railing/Fencing - HO .. 2 IN STOCK!  On Sale
Item JL-211            More Info... us$37.95
Works Hardware - Telluride Colorado - HO - Special Order Now! 
Item CM-38151            More Info... us$55.00
Yorks Store - 1890-1930's Frame Structure - HO - 1 IN STOCK NOW! 
Item CM-38924            More Info... us$35.00